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beginner chord lessons on the piano.

Where to Begin Learning Chords

Piano play-by-ear hopefuls would be wise to take a lesson from a beginning guitarist.  A beginner doesn’t think much about theory or rhythm, the names of notes, scales, numbers, reading or timing.  They barely know how to tune the guitar. . . . but they do know, to be successful, they’re going to have to…

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The Master Speaks

I am the master.  You may be a master too. Whatever you already know is your plateau.  It may reach to the heavens in knowledge and dimension but your plateau is just one of many.  There are mesas and mountains of brilliant musical minds.  Every musician has one, high or low in proportion to their…

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Chords Lay The Path To Playing By Ear

When playing the piano by ear, the science of music organizes your musical mind and controls how you get around.  It’s the plan.  It’s what all musicians that play by ear have in common; they all  know how to get around. While many get lost in the notion that “getting around” is some mysterious skill,…

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Just One Missing Piece to Independence

If you’ve played the piano for a long time without being able to play by ear, there’s good news.  You are just one small missing puzzle piece away from putting it all together.

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