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The Musical Universe – The Number 8 Controls All of Music

Audio Post – LISTEN BELOW   This post is going to give you an enormous insight into music that has never been revealed before.  It is the most powerful understanding of Command.  This simple concept takes people a lifetime to learn IF EVER.  You’d think it to be such an easy understanding that there’s no…

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The Black Hole In The Music Galaxy

Being able to play piano by ear is more than just playing the piano.  It is a science of numbers that lets you keep track of where you are and where you are going.  You play intelligently because you understand chords and how to put them together. It really is that easy.  Knowing the basic…

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Avoid One-Dimensional Theory

Throughout taking standard piano lessons, we are piece-mealed music theory at the rate and order that the teacher thinks best.  When you end lessons, you may grasp some theory but overall, lack the full picture because you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle. It’s a puzzle that you cannot see without first having…

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And It Was Good – Composer Intent

I took a play-by-ear hiatus and visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  It took Mr. Gutzon Borglum 14 years to blast out the rock and chisel the faces.  Then, they were done. Just think about the day he made that final decision.  Realizing finality-of-task, he looked at his work and, in His best image as…

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The Key To Figuring Things Out

In the end, to become the type of musician you hope to be you must learn to understand the conceptual side of music theory.  This is not a subject that is easy to learn.  Most theory is laid out in a way that is very dry and out of context to the way the different…

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Just One Missing Piece to Independence

If you’ve played the piano for a long time without being able to play by ear, there’s good news.  You are just one small missing puzzle piece away from putting it all together.

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