Matrix Music Theory

Matrix Theory books are like no theory books you have ever read before.  They open your eyes to powerful concepts in music that give you total control over the piano.  What lies behind the hidden curtain will elevate you to a level of musical consciousness that only the best and brightest musicians in the world understand.

"The Science of Music" covers the rudiments but don't be too quick to dismiss things you think you already know.  You'll discover new insights into simple concepts.

"Matrix Theory" is in a league all by itself and --to most knowledgeable musicians-- is an enlightening experience.

Both books together, break down the finite structure that allows you to manage all of musical infinity.

How do you do it?  This is how.


The Science of Music

(Music By The Numbers)

Music theory is taught in a way that often dwells on too many facts that do not add context to content. Countless courses, theory books and college texts cover every factual detail from A to Z but music theory is more than just facts.  It's a machine that comes alive when you see the entire music-theory puzzle laid out and assembled before you.

This theory answers what you want to know and delivers a vivid oversight of a vast musical landscape.  It simplifies everything and give you an advanced level of understanding.


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Here's What You Get:

  • Seven Principles of Music At a Glance
  • Keyboard Layout
  • Scale Uniformity
  • Building Chords
  • Creative Variables of Music
  • Counting Variables of Music
  • Alpha Notation on the Staff;
  • The Science That Converts Notes to Numbers

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Matrix Theory

(Straight Answers to the Most Unanswerable Questions in Music)

Straight Answers to the Most Unanswerable Questions in Music; this is the ultimate knowledge of a master musician.  Delivered on a silver platter, you'll learn important, hidden details of theory that most teachers miss entirely.  Maybe you think you know the answers  to these questions but there's more to the answers than you might think.  You won't learn this anywhere else.

• What is a beat?
• How fast to play a song you've never heard before;
• What's the difference Between 2/2 and 4/4?;
• What's the difference Between Major and Minor Key Signatures?; and

Format:  PDF Download eBook
Pages:      43
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*"The Science of Music" is a prerequisite to this book.

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Online Video Course

Getting Started:

(Beyond the Basics)

This is an "Advanced Beginner's Guide" with videos that take you to, and then "beyond the basics" of some of the most important concepts in music.  It's more than just 101.  LOTS MORE.  Understanding the insights into simplicity  is what GUARANTEES you'll get off on the right foot.  If there is a seed of music, then this is it.

Though you may not understand directly, you learn the barest foundation of a strong play by ear ability.  Don't fudge in the beginning.  "Getting Started" applies to beginner stuff but more importantly, applies to and sets up the courses that follow.

Format:  PDF Download and Online Video Course
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Chord School

How to Play Any Chord and Throw Away This Book!

This book shows you how to figure out chords on your own so you don't have to look them up in a book.  Forget about the hard way of building.  You learn a powerful self-taught insight that simplifies the process and puts even the most difficult chords at your fingertips.

Don't miss this chance to learn the ultimate short-cut to building chords.   You won't read about it or see it mentioned anywhere else (but here).

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Here's What You Get:

  • The two crucial theories that govern the chord-building process;
  • Seven concepts to building chords;
  • The Rules of building chords;
  • The Ultimate short-cut to building;
  • Comprehensive breakdown of the 10 types of chords, inversions and derivatives;
  • Single page-at-a-glance chord charts;
  • Advanced short-cuts to build difficult chords (11ths, 13ths, etc...);
  • Everything you need to know about chords (and more) in just 55 pages.

Format:  PDF Download
Pages:     55
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