Playing By Ear

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Play Piano Like Guitar

The guitar-player mind set is a good one to rub off on piano players because it gets you thinking independently.  To become a smart play-by-ear piano player, this is a good place to start.

You don't have to play guitar to get great value from this course, but those who do play guitar will experience something different.  Here's what you get:

Module 1:

The Guitar Player Mind Set that defines how guitar players think and instills the right attitude to take control and play by ear; and

Module 2

#2 Crossing Over to Piano is a premier course for all guitar players to teach themselves to play piano.  This course shows you the inside track to crossing over that will make your piano experience an extension of your guitar ability.

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Here's What You Get

  • Where to Begin;
  • How to Strum on the Piano
  • How to Build Chords on the Piano;
  • How to Barre Chords on the Piano;
  • How 1-4-5 is Everything to Playing Music.
  • At-a-Glance Chord Charts for: Major, Minor Chords and 7ths.

Here's What You Get

Format: Membership Site Video Course;
Downloadable PDF ebook.

Pages:     36

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Online Video Course

Play It Your Way

This course is a must to jump-start your ability to improve your play-by-ear arrangements.  These basic, bread-and-butter-style tips and tricks should be in every pianists' play-by-ear mental toolbox.

This is a hands-on course that shows you nearly all the secrets and gives you lots of examples of their usage.  It's the follow-up course to 24 Chords in 10 Lessons and is best when you have a better feel for chords.  You're sure to learn some new moves.

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Here's What You Get

  • The Gospel of Music (Two Sermons of Musical Salvation)
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • The Straight Arrangement
  • The Root 5 Arrangement
  • The Stride Arrangement (Including "Fake" Stride)

Format:  Online Video Course
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Downloadable PDF (Book Only)

Everything You Need to Know To Play By Ear

You're not that Far Away . . .

This book tells you seventeen different ways to figure out a song by ear from "Hunt and Peck" to "Playing With Other Musicians".

Format:  PDF Download (Book Only)
Pages:     18

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Downloadable PDF (Book Only)

The Play By Ear Discovery

Theory You Overlook Because You THINK You Already Know It.

The “Play By Ear Discovery” answers an age-old question and opens your mind to a glaring concept that determines whether you succeed or not.  If after reading it, you doubt that it can be that simple, then you can bet you’re on the right track.  You need only to acknowledge it and then start moving in that direction.

This book will open your eyes to another dimension of music you never dreamed existed and build up to your first major "Ah-Hah" moment that will change your life forever.

You learn two important music theories that are the most overlooked, undervalued and assumed by most musicians.  These two concepts are the key to understanding how to play by ear but you must learn to control them.

Format:  PDF Download (Book Only)
Pages:     24
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